Nice Idea Set Review – 75097 Star Wars Advent Part 2

Funniest quote I’ve seen thus far this season: “Jango bells, Jango bells, Jango all the way”. Sadly, there isn’t any Jango this 12 months. Nor is there a lot of something new. The LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar appears to have timewarped again to the OT with comfy characters and settings. But is it… too comfy?

Last week we checked out three all new automobiles for the mini fodder. This week we’ll have a look at three extra which were seen earlier than and resolve in the event that they had been value re-(re?)doing or if there’s one thing incorrect with the automobile record that TLG appears to work from.

Day 11 brings us the re-Star Destroyer. This was already carried out in 2012 however the child bows give this one a brand new hat. At this scale you must choose some options and ignore others. Do we choose the bridge so elegantly carried out with a clip tile or can we choose the sloping again. Wait, the what? This should be a First Order factor. Both ships have an identical our bodies, an identical rears, and barely completely different bridge designs. The newer one tries to seize somewhat little bit of that facet cantilever. Overall although they’re fraternal twins (new one on the left). Uber Fail.

Day 14 brings us probably the most disappointing “re”design, the Millennium Falcon. This one is i-freaking-dentical to the 2012 Advent calendar. Only minor aesthetic adjustments right here. Some coloration adjustments and a swap from the 3×1 25° slope to the cheese grater slope. The passage port on the left is a pleasant contact. But in any other case similar digicam brick core, some 4×4 dish on prime, similar trans darkish blue exhaust. Mild Fail.

Day 16 is a spoiler alert. The A-wing from 2011 is a tragic unhappy little craft. Looking like not more than an Alumaweld, this one was in want of an replace. Thankfully it has been nicely carried out with a principally SNOT sides. It’s a a lot tighter design with higher consideration paid to shaping and livery. This is unquestionably one to chalk up as a hit.

So they fall between an uber fail, gentle fail, and a hit, I believe we hover someplace round a half success. Maybe a suck? Hopefully subsequent week we are able to achieve that sess again.

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