Nice Idea LEGO Techniques – Znap

Wut? Yeah, Znap. I did not know both till I used to be looking via the Bricklink catalog just a few years in the past. Turns out it is form of Technic appropriate and an try to compete with Okay’nex. But it failed as a result of that was like 20 years in the past. The items are nonetheless accessible for a few cents on the secondary market.

And why would you purchase the items? I received my arms on just a few of them and gave them some Dag model exams.

First there’s the Technic connection. Piece of cake. But there’s greater than meets the attention. Here’s two of the enjoyable items:

And this is a common thought of how Znap works. Boring!

But can it pair with System?

It can! But ought to it?

Yikes, seems painful. How about that purply piece?

 So far so good.

Plays nicer with SNOT too.

And a twist! (with a wonderfully aligned tube).

Sadly the sq. gap via purply is juuust too tiny to accomodate a brick. But that gray torture machine, Znap beams and liftarms will all slip via there. So will 1×1 spherical bricks and cones. As for the Znap beams you should use them like Technic beams however these little connectors are tremendous nifty! Not proven, a swiveling piece that works like purply however permits one of many bricks to be swiveled at any angle. These items are on Bricklink underneath half numbers Zbb013, Zbb014, and Zbb018. Is that the sound a bee makes when it flies backwards?

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