Nice Idea LEGO Techniques – Stud Height

At the top of the Reverse Engineering Challenge four I posted a picture on Flickr with a fairly impassioned description. There had been some dialogue as to what the peak of studs are and whether or not or not they trigger battle in builds. The delusion touring round is that stud top is half of a plate, or, 1.6mm. As my image reveals, that is incorrect.

But there are occasions when it looks like the one clarification for stud top is that it MUST be 1.6mm.

Take for instance the above image. This little tablescrap makes an attempt to indicate stud battle. Notable is the highest of the 1×2 technic brick with axle gap in opposition to the 1×2 technic brick with 2 pin holes. You would have a look at this and instantly suppose, “Duh, you just disproved your point. Studs are half a plate high, done.”

Au contraire, my AFOL. Remember how I mentioned the true dimensions of a LEGO brick? You would suppose at first blush that the white brick is 16mm throughout proper? But it isn’t, it is 15.8mm. The top of the stud from the yellow brick could be the half plate distinction from the white to black brick PLUS the tolerance issue of the white brick; 1.6mm + zero.1mm = 1.7mm. Some say the stud is 1.8mm however this reveals it to be not possible. As for the brand? Negligible.

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