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I picked up a replica of 21113 The Cave for myself as a elements pack. I do not typically have sufficient bricks and I bought an excellent deal on this set. I am flipping the Zombie and TNT bricks however protecting Steve, the spider head, and the pickaxe. I virtually flipped the pickaxe as properly till one thing caught my eye (ba-dum bum). After take a look at becoming a chunk I stored it too.

Tim J. over on the New Elementary already performed round with the heads a bit. I plan to maintain doing so and see what can occur. Steve (and the zombie and skeleton’s) heads are all about 12mm cubes. This is a weird however not unheard of dimension. It’s the identical as a brick and a half in width. Or three.75 plates tall.

The animal heads are 12.8mm cubes. This is the equal of four plate thicknesses in each course. Or a brick with a bracket and plate to at least one facet.

It’s the pickaxe that bought me. The finish had a really acquainted form and the nub was virtually a inform. “By Jove!” I assumed. “That looks like the invert of the bottom of a 1×1 plate!” Sure sufficient our block headed buddy demonstrates. Even cooler is that the pickaxe seems to be skinny sufficient that three may match inside a 1×1 brick. That tells me that it is 1.6mm thick, or, a half plate.

Note that even the notch close to the deal with can settle for the wall of the brick. It’s a cosy match making it 1.6mm as properly. For much more amazement, maintain a 1×1 brick as much as the instrument and see what number of different dimensions match. It’s virtually like discovering a Fibonacci spiral in on a regular basis objects.

Yeah, I am pimping this text. You ought to go spelunking.

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