Nice Idea LEGO Techniques – Headlight Conflict

Finally getting again on monitor with the examine on headlight bricks. Some time in the past I confirmed how headlight bricks are an odd development. They keep regular brick tolerance on three sides, however the fourth facet really reverses this and cancels out the tolerance on the other facet. The impact is that of making a real 2 plate excessive piece. But how does this have an effect on SNOT development?

Using my little tablescrap I’ve created two circumstances the place the headlight brick creates error. The first is within the decrease proper nook below the yellow technic brick. You can see that the headlight brick is definitely pushing in opposition to the sideways gray travis brick such that it does not need to relaxation simple. What’s the deal?

First, a quiz: How huge is the yellow technic brick?

If you mentioned 16.0mm, you are improper. While it’s that measurement nominally, the precise measurement is 15.8mm. Remember the zero.1mm tolerance on both sides?

Using math, it is easy to see how the battle can happen. The headlight brick is EXACTLY 6.4mm huge as a consequence of it is meant cohesion with a double excessive plate. The travis brick is precisely 9.6mm excessive. Added up, the full turns into 16.0mm which is clearly somewhat an excessive amount of for our poor technic brick. You can definitely construct up round such circumstances and get the bricks to be compliant however they are going to be harassed somewhat.

The second case is on the left the place the headlight bricks work together with a blue and gray headlight brick. Using the identical idea it must be simple to see what is occurring. The purple headlight brick atop the blue travis brick is in system… apart from the stud face which is zero.2mm past. The width of the headlight/gray travis brick combo is once more a real 16.0mm. The caught out face of the headlight brick is pushing the gray travis brick (together with any connections) an additional zero.2mm additional east. Therefore, despite the fact that the the wrong way up headlight brick is connected to the blue travis brick, it is reference to the gray travis brick retains it from pushing up in opposition to the brick.

Headlight brick, you’re a wily one.

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