Nice Idea LEGO Set Review – Bricktober Train Station 40142

Ahh, October. Full of leaves and pumpkins and overpriced Toys’R’Us units. We’re cruising via Bricktober 2015 and this yr’s second promo, the Train Station.

Sort of.

There are a number of issues flawed with this set. Primarily it is the shortest line ever. At eight studs it is little greater than the 2 vehicles that match on the monitor. It takes extra time to queue up than it does to journey it. At least that is the presumption. Sneaking a peek behind the field, there is no connections to be made except the sidewalk spontaneously turns into monitor. The platform has two indicators on it. Both ends of the road? “How far are you going?” “To the end of this fence.” But a minimum of the monitor is darkish pearl gray, not only a regular gray!

Second, these items appear to be rising. Last yr the entire modules had been 6 studs broad and eight studs deep. This yr’s resort is 8×8. But it is a nook module in order that type of make sense, type of. This practice station is 10 studs broad.


The draw of the big modular units is that they’re all standardized to a 32×32 baseplate. This means they are often combined and matched and nonetheless all arrange properly. Now in the actual world, I perceive that constructing heaps will be completely different sizes. Most typically (the place I stay) they’re 50×100′ however anomalies occur. Maybe they will be 60′ or 75′ broad. So I get the facet of injecting slightly little bit of realism. But that is microscale LEGO the place the size is not 1:1. Now we’re about 1:480. There’s not loads of wiggle room for refined variation whereas nonetheless staying inside a bigger uniformity.

Therefore, I made a decision to revamp my Train Station to be eight studs broad. But now that I’ve constructed it and shot it I notice it nonetheless does not remedy the issue of the shortest journey ever. I believe I must make it eight studs broad and 10 studs deep so the practice monitor is definitely out in the fitting of method. Then possibly I can broaden the monitor and make it journey throughout the city.

But regardless of these issues there are just a few redeeming issues concerning the set. Namely, trans-clear, darkish inexperienced and curler-skate, curler-skate, ROLLER-SKATE!

By the best way, in the event you would, please petition Great Ole’s ghost that I might be capable of acquire the subsequent two Bricktober units. I would hate to lose out on one and, nicely, you’d hate to overlook a evaluation.

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