Nice Idea Happy Garyversary – 2 Years!

Staggeringly it's precisely 2 years since Gary turned up on my doorstep, howling and terrified and unable to pee, however we gloss over that these days. I've found so much about cats within the final 2 years, or perhaps it's simply Gary, I don’t know and by no means intend to. As it's his Garyversary, and the web saved my cat, I believed I'd share what I've learnt.

1. Cats can sleep wherever. Gary has his luxurious Amazon Prime Cat mattress on the finish of our mattress, and a smaĺler, cosier field on the ground for when he doesn't need to danger being kicked within the head at evening. He will nevertheless sleep wherever. Window ledge, underneath the mattress, on a cushion, garments line, bag of marbles, IN the LEGO field. Whatever cats are manufactured from, it's some form of ache resistant cloud magic in a free bag, and if we will harness it then we might be ache-free millionaires. Forget Tesla, that is the place the actual future lies.
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