Nice Idea Bricklink Seller Review – The Mitten Brick Company

So I am guessing components aren’t packed by clad hand.  Maybe it is actually chilly there?  Maybe there is a customized design that appears like handwear?  Or perhaps there is a geographical characteristic at play right here.  And if that a lot, you will in all probability find out about da U.P. and da trolls.  Obviously this man’s a troll.  Because he lives beneath the bridge.  Ah effectively, in the event you suppose I simply insulted him, you are clearly not a Michigander or a Cheesehead, or know something about your FIBs.  Thankfully, I’ve a buddy that is stored me knowledgeable about all of these.  Me, I am only a hippie tree huggin’ buffalo huntin’ Oregonian.

Seller: The Mitten Brick Company
Store: //
Feedback (at time of writing): 262
Feedback Ratio: 99.6% optimistic (one impartial from somebody utilizing it’s a communication portal)
Location: USA, Michigan
Prices: Around common

My Order
Order Size: 576 objects, 33 heaps
Condition: 99% New
Shipping Charge: Three tiers for home delivery, plus good (nonetheless unspoken) precedence charges
Extra Fees: None, labored into cheap delivery tiers
Other: Min purchase $5
Final Cost per Part: $zero.08

Order Date: Jan 16
Invoice Date: Jan 16
Payment Date: Jan 16
Shipping Date: Jan 20
Delivery Date: Jan 22

Order Details
Why this retailer: Large gentle bley plates drew me in, good costs stored me
Packaging: Lots separated or mixed effectively, all in a Tyvek bubble mailer.  Awesome brand sticker on the surface.  Also included a bit card and a few LEGO stickers.
Part situation: Very good
Communication: Very pleasant and immediate
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale indicators: none
Issues: Might have been an additional tiny piece.  I misplaced depend.

The Mitten Brick Company combines outdated-customary service with contemporary new items.  That and so they have good enterprise bling. The stickers are a pleasant contact.  Only two different sellers have executed this and I virtually bear in mind who they had been. 🙂  This is certainly somebody to come back again to.

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