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Finally again to writing once more. Been driving on the celebrity of my LEGO Dress and coming off of the exhaustion that’s submit conference. But as I’ve began ordering once more I must get slightly backlog taken care of. Does anyone ever care concerning the logs in entrance? Those can jam too, cannot they? I suppose these don’t have any likelihood of lastly breaking free and kicking you within the posterior.

Seller: Groenehollander Brick’s
Store: //
Feedback (at time of writing): 6296
Feedback Ratio: 99.98% optimistic (one impartial ever)
Location: Netherlands, Zeeland
Prices: Average or much less

My Order
Order Size: 65 objects, 32 lot
Condition: 92% Used
Shipping Charge: Typical at price Dutch fee
Other: provides Paypal charges
Final Cost per Part: $zero.24

Order Date: Jan 30
Invoice Date: Jan 31
Payment Date: Jan 31
Shipping Date: Jan 31
Delivery Date: Feb 11

Order Details
Why this retailer: Lots of items to finish some nicely cared for older units.
Packaging: Some objects stacked in a weird trend, no actual rhyme or motive or continuity in packing supplies put in a superbly good bubble mailer then edges taped with brown packing tape.
Communication: none
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale indicators: none
Issues: none


As I’m studying Spanish I attempt to see the humor in others’ international language spelling and grammar goofs. But do not let that idiot you. This is a well provisioned, nicely run retailer. Great for finishing older units and bulking up your builder’s booty. Pity that I not often revisit shops on account of my mission to overview so many alternative ones.

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